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At Cutters Cycling Club, we specialize in road biking excursions for established and relatively fit individuals. Well, we like to think we do, but we all feel the burn ever so often and look to the support vehicle for comfort and an easy passage back to our transport.

Mountain bikers are welcome to ride with us.  While road is our first love, we alternate hill rides to keep our members honest.

Nobody remembers how we started, but we have been around for some time now, since before 2007. We ride for fitness, strength and endurance, but mostly for the fun of the wind in our face and the company. If you like this, you are a Cutters member at heart.

Send us an email from the Contact Us page requesting an application. Tell us about your riding experience.

We will send you back the application form.

All new members are required to buy the first round of drinks at our monthly bar hop events for a period or 3 months after joining.



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